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There are 16 full-time teachers in the Teaching Department of University Physics, including 1 professor,4 associate professors and 11 lecturers. Among of these teachers, there are 9 teachers who receive doctoral degree, 7 teachers who receive master degree, and 4 of them are reading the doctorate. There are 2 backbone teachers' teaching teams. The Teaching Department of University Physics is a teacher team with reasonable structure, clear level, dedication and enterprising spirit, and the Teaching Department of University Physics is also a united community. The Teaching Department of University Physics has repeatedly been rated as the outstanding collective, the 38 red flag collective and women civilization quarters of Shanghai science and technology systemand. In recent years, the teachers in our department won the honorary titles, such as  the excellent teachers of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Outstanding Class Teacher, and 54 young people. And number of teachers presided over and complete the key course construction projects of the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, Shanghai and the National Natural Science Fund Projects. The Teaching Department of University Physics mainly undertakes the teaching tasks of public basic courses, such as Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Wave and optics and Heat and modern physics, and the teaching effect is excellent. The teachers in this department guide the students to participate in the National University Physicss competition also achieve good results, won many first prize, second prize and third prize. In addition, the teachers of the Department also guide students and complete a number of innovative projects for college students, including municipal and national college students' innovative projects.