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The statistics department was established in June 2017.

There are 7 teachers in the department, including 1 full professor, 5 associate professors and 1 lecturer. All of them have a doctoral degree. We have 4 master advisors, 2 backbone teachers' teaching team leaders, 1 teacher who gets a Shanghai Chenguang talent plan and SUES Tengfei talent plan.

The Department of Statistics is a teacher team with reasonable structure, clear level, dedication and enterprising spirit. We mainly take the courses of the undergraduate students major in applied statistics and the postgraduate students major in business statistics.

In the past few years, we have published dozens of papers in high level journals, including 'Automatica', 'Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering' and other high-level authoritative academic journals. We gained a number of national funds, including NSFC projects, youth science fund, Tianyuan fund and etc. We also gained a number of provincial and ministerial projects. To better communicate and collaborate with other researchers, we have established long-term connections with domestic universities as well as famous universities in Singapore, Australia, etc.

All the teachers actively guide the students to participate in the mathematical modeling competition, including CUMCM, MCM/ICM, NPGMCM, and won many national awards, and the tutors were rated as excellent tutors. We also guide students to complete several college students' innovative projects.

In recent years, there are 2 teachers who won the second and third prize in the first and second teaching competition for young teachers in colleges and universities respectively. One teacher won the award for the mathematical modeling of Shanghai excellent coaches.