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School of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics, Shanghai University of Engineering Science was formerly the Department of Fundamental Studies in 1978. In order to adopt itself to the rapid development of SUES, it was renamed as School of Fundamental Studies in 1995.


Under the leadership of SUES CPC Committee, with the vision of Modern Application-oriented Engineering University, the School is dedicated to creating new platform for practice and growth in first-level disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. In 2017, the School named as School of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.


The School is composed of Department of Mathematics, Department of Engineering Mathematics, Department of Applied Physics, Department of Applied Statistics, Physics Experiment Center, Applied Mathematics Research Institute, Dean’s Office and Student Affairs Office. The Center of Fundamental Experimental Studies owns a comprehensive experimental building covering 3923 square meters in which are installed with various kinds of instruments which cost RMB 12,000,000 for teaching and researching work.




The School has an excellent faculty of 77, 72 are teaching faculty, among whom 4 are professors accounting for 6% , 27 are associate professors accounting for 38% , 37 have been conferred doctoral degree accounting for 50%. The percentage of faculty professors and associate professors account for 44%. 62(82%) teaching faculty graduated from 985 and 211 top universities. Besides, due to their outstanding performance, many a teacher has been awarded with glorious titles, such as Labor Models in Shanghai, Outstanding Teachers sponsored by Bao Steel Educational Fund, New Long March Vanguards of Shanghai, Yucai Awards in Shanghai, Model Teachers of SUES. What’s more, the School has also been awarded with the honor as Advanced Group.



Teaching and Scientific Research Achievement

Apart from offering the fundamental courses of Mathematics & Physics to postgraduates, undergraduates and vocational undergraduates on campus, the School also established a series of teaching and research management in the fields of Operations and Cybernetics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics and Optical Engineering


The School as well has made an immense accomplishment in disciplinary construction with web-delivery for several university model courses: Advanced Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Liner Algebra, Complex Function and Integral Transformation, College Physics, College Physics Lab.


The School attaches great importance to enhancing students overall quality, conducting actively outside-classroom learning & extracurricular activities in Mathematics and Physics, establishing Student Innovation Studio, along the mission to nurture high-caliber, practical, innovative engineering talents with comprehensive strengths and competitiveness. Furthermore the School takes an active part by organizing students to participate in national and international competitions, such as National Mathematics Modeling Competition for College Students, American Mathematical Contest in Molding for College Students, National Mathematics Modeling Competition for Graduate Students, Partially National Physics (Shanghai District) Contest for College Students and Shenzhen Cup National Mathematics Modeling Summer Camp.


Years on years, the School has achieved a tremendous and sustainable development in academic research. The School has successfully applied for 34 programs and projects nationally and municipally, mainly include Key Program of NSFC, General Program of NSFC, National Science Fund for Excellent Youth Scholars, TianYuan Special Fund of NSFC, Special Found forTheoretical Physics Research Program, Scientific Research Found for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars of Chinese Ministry of Education, Natural Science Found of Shanghai, Shanghai ChenGuang Program ( for talents and professionals)


In addition, the School scientific research funds accumulative total is 8 million Renminbi, from which 5 million Renminbi sponsored above the provincial and ministerial level. Besides, some other funds also add up to 2 million Renminbi covering over 10 crossing scientific research projects. Meanwhile, accumulative total 150(First Author) SCI papers have been quoted and published, among which 43(First Author) are JCR CAS top listing papers ,20(First Author) are high-level papers in leading journals of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and 3 professional text books have been published.