Wang Qin, CPC Secretary
Release time: 2017-11-07 Browse the number: 65

Wang Qin, an Associate Professor of English, is the Secretary of CPC General Branch for School of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics and School of Foreign Languages.

The courses she teaches include College English Integrated, College English Listening & Speaking, and College Oral English. Apart from Interpretation and Translation, her research area also expands to the Party construction work in universities. She has published research papers in top Chinese journals such as Short Stories, Social Science in Hunan, Chinese Language Construction, Party & Government Forum, etc. She has directed/co-directed a number of research projects in the fields of CPC Party Building and United Front programs supported by the CPC Shanghai Education and Health Committee.

Due to her contributions, Wang Qin has won the title of the New Long March Vanguard of Shanghai Municipality. She has also been named a Model Young Teacher of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, a Model CPC Party Member and Party worker.