Liu Fuyao, Dean & Vice Secretay
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Liu Fuyao, born in Nanchang Jiangxi in October 1963, PHD, now is a Professor of Mathematics and Dean of School of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics.


Professor Liu is the master’s advisor and tutor of Shanghai Normal University, the guest professor of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science, the member of Chinese Mathematical Society, the member of Chinese Astronomical Society, the member of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Society, the Vice Secretary of Astronomical Society of Jiangxi Province.


Liu Fuyao joined the Pary in 1994, now he is the Vice Secretary of CPC General Branch for School of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics and School of Foreign Languages.


The courses he teaches include: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Statistics, Liner Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, etc.


Professor Liu Fuyao has published more than 30 academic papers in domestic and international journals


Professor Liu has collaborated 1 key research project of National Natural Science Fund, directed 1 overall key program of National Natural Science Fund, directed 1 key scientific and research innovation project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, directed 2 opening research programs of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, directed 2 practical research projects in political and ideological studies of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Professor Liu has been the chief editor of 3 text books, in addition, he has instructed students to participate in the National Graduate Mathematical Modeling Contest, winning 1st and 2nd prizes many times.